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RemanoTech for

Build Your Business

We guide you through all the decision making processes making sure you don’t overspend on unnecessary investments.
RemanoTech experts keep you notified and accompany you all the way!
Your Money Is Safe With Us.

Intellectual Property Protection

IP theft costs $300 billion a year in the United States alone!

Rapid Concept Workshop

We assess the Commercial & Technical risk, design your ‘Minimum Viable Product’.

Traction Labs

We minimise your risk and replace your assumptions with real market feedback in the beginning stages.

Rapid Agile Development

In just Six simple steps our clear and productive design will take your Idea to life!

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Our Services

Dedicated Team

A remote team composed of Senior expert developers with excellent ability to quickly and efficiently deliver technological solutions.

Staff Augmentation

Do you need an extra pair of talented fingers?
Our strict employment processes guarantee you the Top 2% of Latin Americas best developers.


Full-cycle custom software development.
You provide the specifications, we deliver
the end-to-end solution.

Web Development

Our company counts with highly qualified
Front-end developers, who work
with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue.JS, JQuery.

Mobile App Development

On Mobile, we work with different technologies like MAUI (ex Xamarin), Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Obj-c.

BackEnd Development

There is no software without a backend. Therefore we have different teams with: .NET, JAVA, Python, Node.js, GO.

Why RemanoTech?

Headquartered in Argentina, South America is the best place to hire custom software services: Affordable costs, talent and the same time zone as most of North America.
Why are we unique in RemanoTech? Because we take communication and customer trust as pillars of our services. We constantly strive to improve our delivery processes and guarantee the customer that their money and time are in good hands.
Our strict recruitment processes ensure that we only work with the best. What are you waiting for to discover the RemanoTech way of working?